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New shipment to Russia

Since 2021, our oversea market share in Russia increase rapidly. After a large pipe bending machine, 200KG water atomization equipment, another vacuum induction furnace has been completed and just delivered.

To ensure the equipment can arrive at the customer on time, our marketing department, the production department, logistics department, after-sales department consolidate together, have been working overtime in spite of the Covid-19 prevention and control measures as well as the extremely hot temperature.

Our vacuum induction furnace is composed of furnace body, cover, sensor,melting crucible, thermal insulation material, charging box, cover elevating mechanism, vacuum unit, middle frequency power, electrically-controlled cabinet, temperature-measuring instrument. It is widely applied in smelting and precise casting for ferric-based, nickel-based, high temperature alloy and other precise alloy and magnetic material. 

New Shipment Russia1

Zhuzhou Hanhe Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. as a professional industrial equipment designer and producer, we have a lot of outstanding advantages to attract foreigner customers:
1. With mature production technology, a team of experts from famous university and enterprises, we can guide our customers quickly produce qualified products.
2. As a direct manufacturer, we are making design, production, training, after-sales service as a integration, to ensure the equipment quality and delivery as well as the fast after-sales service.
3. With more than 20 years of electrical design and furnace production experience, we can quickly guide customers to solve production problems during equipment operation.

New Shipment to Russia

4. We developed the control software dependently, all kinds of operational data can be recorded and archived in real time. Nevertheless, we are providing free consultation service and process upgrade in 10 years after sales.
5. We can design and provide a full set technology of production process .
"Creating value for customer, achieving win-win cooperation" is our belief. Hanhe Industrial equipment is doing its utmost for equipment innovation and service improvement. We are looking forward to a bright future with your joined hands, welcome to contact with us.

Post time: Mar-15-2023