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Atomizing Equipment

  • Spherical Metal Powder Gas Atomization Equipment

    Spherical Metal Powder Gas Atomization Equipment

    The vacuum gas atomization equipment is for metal powder manufacturing on the base of VIGA of Europe. It’s used for R&D institution and universities to study the spherical and semi-spherical metal powder as well as mass production for factories.

  • Water-Gas Combined Atomizer for Soft Magnetic Alloy Powder

    Water-Gas Combined Atomizer for Soft Magnetic A...

    The water-air combined atomization equipment is a highly intelligent, efficient, and high-performance atomization equipment which is mainly used for high-tech equipment in the development and production of new materials in fields such as aerospace, aviation, and intelligence. The working principle of the equipment is mainly through induction heating melting, which melts and insulates metal solid materials through induction heating. The melted metal liquid is poured into the intermediate pot, and flows through the guide pipe to the atomization device. When it flows through the spray plate to the atomization pipeline, high-pressure water is sprayed out of the high-pressure nozzle of the spray plate to form an atomization zone.This ensures that the product is not oxidized by air during the atomization process, and greatly improves the quality and performance of the product, especially for the production of materials with high magnetic induction performance requirements.

  • Electrode Rotating Induction Heating Vacuum Gas Atomization Equipment

    Electrode Rotating Induction Heating Vacuum Gas...

    EIGA electrode induction melting inert gas atomization equipment melts& refines th prefabricated electrode bar in inert gas environment without ceramic crucible. The molten metal  passes through the nozzle continuously and vertically. The molten metal is crushed and atomized into a large number of small droplets by high-speed air flow, and the droplets solidify in flight to form spherical powder. The powder gas mixture is sent to the water-cooled cyclone separator for separation through the conveying tube. Fine metal powder is collected in a vacuum sealed powder collector.

  • 100kg Water Atomizing Machine for Metal Powder

    100kg Water Atomizing Machine for Metal Powder

    Water Atomization process refers to a process that sprays and collides water at a high pressure of about 50-150 MPa against a molten metal melted at a high temperature to produce fine metal powder (atomized powder) at the micron level. After the molten alloy(metal) is melted and refined in induction furnace, the molten metal liquid is poured into the heat preservation crucible and enters into the diversion tube. The high pressure water flow from the spray tray will crush and atomize the metal liquid into very small droplets. The metal droplets will solidify and drop in the atomization tower, and then fall into the powder collecting tank. The collected powder slurry is filtered by pressure dehydration, drying and screening.