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    Stainless Steel Powder

    Steels containing more than approximately 10% Cr are defined as stainless materials. Stainless steel powder made from stainless steel alloys. The shape of the particles is regular spherical, the density is 7.9g/cm3, and the average particle size is <33μm. It has good corrosion resistance and durability, and its spherical particles can be positioned parallel to the surface of the coating film and distributed throughout the coating film, forming a shielding layer with excellent covering power to block moisture. It can also be used in the sandblasting machine to process some workpieces with relatively high precision. Stainless steel powder is made of low-carbon steel, that is, stainless steel containing 18% to 20% of chromium, 10% to 12% of nickel, and about 3% of molybdenum. After atomization, ball milling and sieving in the presence of lubricant (stearic acid) Graded pigments can also be directly wet ball milled.