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High Frequency Induction Melting Furnace for Precious Metal

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The high frequency induction melting furnace is used to melt and cast precious metal such as gold, silver etc applied in jewellery and artware for large scale smeltery and small size precious metal processing enterprises.

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The precious metal melting furnace is composed of induction melting furnace body, high frequency heating power supply, heating coil, crucible, water cooling system etc.


Melting fast, energy saving, metal components uniform, less burning loss, fast temperature rising, easy temperature control.


Melting precious metals by using water cooling system and induction heating system. The IGBT power supply adopts full bridge inverter and series resonance method. The most advanced DSP full digital control transistor tube MF control circuit is used to ensure that the transistor tube is not affected by load change and always works under ZCS state. Perfect limiting protection device ensures continuous and stable operation. Absorbing capacitor with special technology can improve equipment life and reliable operation of the equipment. DC filter circuit can improve system power factor.
Automatic control system with Full failure detection functions. Failure reasons can be clearly displayed on screen.
Rapid speed of smelting, no loss of any composition of the noble metal.
Fully support 99.995 gold & silver purification and ingot casting technology .
Smelting under high power factor, quite low harmonic interference on the power source.
Reliable monitoring of pressure on water of the system, flow rate and temperature.
The furnace body is made of aluminum alloy. It mainly consists of furnace panel, refractory brick, induction coil, yoke, epoxy bakelite column, furnace bottom brick, United Mine pouring type refractory board, furnace frame and hydraulic station.
The water cooled cable is made of high quality copper cable core, high temperature rubber tube and movable water-cooled connector.

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gold melting furnace

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